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June 2014

Centering Prayer - New South Wales


We feel a sense of community as we contemplate the effects of Centering Prayer within ourselves and others: The communication to us of a personal story of sadness within family life and the wonderful effects of Centering Prayer which has enabled the person to look at life anew and being given a sense of peace. The twenty minutes of silence every day has had this effect on the growing consciousness of self and life. The distance of communication has been lessened when we can hear about others' life journeys and create a larger family within our Centering Prayer Network.


So it was with a sense of expectation following the invitation to a Centering Prayer reflection day on the 14th June at Mount Saint Benedict Centre at Pennant Hills Sydney, we could all meet with a sense of support to one another. This reflection at this time was most welcome and provided the opportunity to refresh our Centering Prayer practice and learn from others on the same spiritual journey.


The day began with an introduction of the teaching of Thomas Keating and on what Cynthia Bourgeault had to offer as well. There was mentioned the visit of Fr William Meninger to Australia and it was said that in conversation with Thomas Keating in the USA, he mentioned no one had invited him to Australia. This opportunity we were not aware of and we can feel disappointment that this will not eventuate.


The morning consisted of two twenty minutes of silence and the afternoon consisted of three sessions of silence and a refreshing of the thoughts and actions that led to the commitment to Centering Prayer. We also had questions and group views of our own experience. And it was also a reminder that we sit in the present moment — in the now - and to not think of it as being 20 minutes.


As part of our continuing contemplative experience our readings play an important part. Another book we

were introduced to was by David Frenette with the title The Path of Centering Prayer. Some things have a way of renewing our intention and understanding of prayer. The following was given to us from his book: If you asked me for just one bit of advice about contemplation, I would say to practice the meaning of one word: Amen. If you asked me how you could meditate, how you should relate to God, how you might pray, I would whisper: Amen. If I remember only one simple thing at the end of my own life, I hope it will be: Amen. p3.


(As a word 'Amen' means 'yes')


Judy Newland

30 June 2014



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