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Retreats in 2015  . . .


Six-Day Guided Retreat in Queensland

5 July pm – 12 July am


God’s First Language is Silence: An Introduction to Centering Prayer


In the deepest part of my being I know there is only One Mind, One Heart, One Body, that All-Is-One! This centering prayer retreat invites us to open our hearts to the One allowing God’s Presence and Action in our lives.


Directors: Tony Hempenstall cfc and Valda Dickinson rsm


Enquiries/Register/Make a booking


Phone:    (07) 5496 3537 during office hours (9.00am-1.00pm Monday to Friday)



The Archer Spirituality and Retreat Centre - A place for Earth Centred Spirituality!

68 Myleema Road, Villeneuve via Woodford, Queensland 4514

Phone: 07 5496 3537  Fax: 07 5496 3539



Christian Chant Retreat Weekend

17th – 19th July 2015

An Abbey retreat


“When you sing you pray twice” St Augustine








A weekend retreat which will focus on experiencing the power of Chant in the Divine Office, in the singing of the Psalms, in simple vocal meditation and in discovering the presence of the Spirit in sound.


We will take the time this weekend to experience how chanting quiets the mind, opens the heart and uplifts the spirit.


Arrive between 3pm and 4pm on Fridayn 17 July 2015, in time to settle in before chanting Vespers together at 5pm.

Depart on Sunday afternoon.


Bookings can only be made by phoning 02 4236 0533

Jambaroo Abbey, 695 Jamberoo Mountain Rd, Jamberoo NSW 2533

To print a .pdf copy of the flyer, click on:  





Enneagram Follow-up Formation Weekend

15th & 16th August, 2015

Henley Beach, South Australia


The ENNEAGRAM is an ancient wisdom that gives insight into the motivating forces within the human person.  It is not strictly about personality profiles; rather it is about the origins and nature of human compulsive tendencies and the ways in which they can, when we are not conscious of them, drive us into unhealthy behaviours and attitudes.  This unhealthiness damages the fabric of our interpersonal relationships, falsifying our self-perception and corrupting our capacity for love, to love, and to be loved.  Divine Grace requires our cooperation, and our lack of awareness of these hidden forces within ourselves limits this.  When we become conscious of what is at work in us we find a pathway that brings true freedom and a growing delight in the presence of God.  


The Facilitator:  Chris Chaplin msc became interested in the ENNEAGRAM in 1988. Completing further study in the ENNEAGRAM in 1992 and since, Chris has used this tool for over 20 years as he walked with people as a Spiritual Director (graduate of SILOAM, Heart of Life, Melbourne 1994) and when he was on staff at St. Mary’s Towers Retreat Centre, Douglas Park (2006 to 2009).  Chris has facilitated workshops on the ENNEAGRAM in Adelaide over the last few years. He is an experienced teacher of editation and Mindfulness.  

He is also a qualified and practicing Transpersonal and Emotional Release Counsellor and member of the Assoc. of Transpersonal & Emotional Release Counsellors Inc. (ATERC) - a Member Association of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).


He lives the life of a hermit at Shoreham on Victoria’s, Mornington Peninsula.  Most importantly he is actively committed to his own interior life.





About this WEEKEND:  (Attendance on Saturday is pre-requisite for understanding Sunday.)


Saturday 15th:  Recapping: Summary of the Enneagram Compulsions.    

  We identify briefly the nine compulsive stances of the enneagram system.


Genesis: The Compulsion to Recreate and Overcome Childhood Hurts

We look at the nature and origin of compulsion, the emotional templates and tendencies it establishes, and the prison that it creates for us.


Sunday 16th:   Paradox: The Role of Compulsion in our Spiritual Lives.

Is compulsion destructive to our spiritual life, or does it serve a creative purpose?  If ‘yes’, then what is that purpose?


Awakening & Transformation:  Opening to the Truth of One's Compulsion and Inviting Grace to Reveal, Heal and Guide.  Examining the pathways of Grace, necessary for compulsion to be redemptive in our lives. 




Dates and Times:  Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th August, 2015  9.30 am to 4.30 pm each day


Venue:  Mary McKillop Centre.  St. Michael’s College, 15 Mitton Avenue, Henley Beach, enter by Main School Gate


Cost:  $55 for the weekend. Payment by cash or cheque (made out to Chris Chaplin).


Bring:   Comfortable clothing   Journal and pen


Nourishment:  Bring your own lunch (no fridge or microwave available at venue).  Tea, coffee provided and if you wish please bring a small plate for the morning and afternoon tea breaks.


Registration and Information:  RSVP Friday 6th August


Please post, phone, or email the attached booking form:



to  Jasmine Linke,  1 East Parkway, Fulham S.A. 5024     Phone:  08 8353 6528   or 0421 642 849


or  Clare Hickey,  Phone:  0411 843 911



Centering Prayer Retreat at Jambaroo Abbey

28th - 30th August 2015








Centering Prayer is a prayer of silence, an experience of God’s presence as the ground in which our being is rooted, the Source from whom our life emerges at every moment.


It is the opening of mind and heart – our whole being – to God. It is beyond thoughts, beyond words and beyond emotions.

We open our awareness to the God dwelling within us, closer than our breathing, closer than our thinking, closer than our choosing – closer than consciousness itself.


This silent weekend retreat concentrates on the practice of Centering Prayer. 

We will sit in Centering Prayer, practise the art of walking meditation and explore the main tools of Centering Prayer.

The retreat hours will flow between Centering Prayer, the Divine

Office, teaching and time for prayer and reflection.


Arrive between 3.00 and 4.00 pm on Friday and depart on Sunday afternoon.


Bookings can only be made by phoning 02 4236 0533.

Jambaroo Abbey, 695 Jamberoo Mountain Rd, Jamberoo NSW 2533


To print a .pdf copy of the flyer, click on:  







Centering Prayer Meditation Retreat 2015 


Liberation from our Human Condition, and False Self Arrangements. 


During this  ( SILENT ) Retreat,  Trappist  Monk Thomas Keating,  ( with the assistance of DVD’s)  will journey with us,  helping us to see more clearly the importance of  healing all that is within us,  that frustrates the growth and flow of God’s  Spirit,  as we move through our life’s Journey.  









WHEN:        Tuesday 20th October ....  arrival time 4pm 


                      Thursday 22nd ....   depart after lunch   


WHERE:     St Clement’s Retreat Centre , Galong  nsw 


FACILITATOR:     Sr. Lorraine Cupitt  rsm 


COST:       $260 ....  shared bathroom facilities 


REGISTRATION:    Ph. 02)6380 5222


To print a .pdf copy of the flyer, click on:  






Upcoming Events for 2016:


Annual CPNA Centering Prayer Silent Retreat . . .
“For God alone my soul waits in silence.” – Psalm 62


For information on the 2016 Annual Centering Prayer Retreat, click on




Annual Meeting of Centering Prayer Network Australia . . .



The 2016 CPNA Annual Meeting is scheduled to be held on Monday, 14 March 2016, 9am-2pm.


Venue:  Janssen Spirituality Centre, 22 Woodvale Road, Boronia Victoria 3155


Further information on the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Centering Prayer Network Australia will be available closer to the date.






Upcoming Events by Cynthia Bourgeault in New Zealand (open by application to Australians) for 2016:


Our friends across the Tasman thought it would be useful for our planning if they put out an advance notice of two events they have with Cynthia this coming summer. She is only coming to NZ so the invitation will include Australia.  To learn more about Cynthia's programme in New Zealand, click on




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