Centering Prayer Network - South Australia


Centering Prayer Groups in South Australia:


St Phillip's Anglican Church                                       Christchurch Contemplation Group. 

Galway Avenue                                                        Bay Road

Broadview, SA                                                         Mount Gambier SA

Tuesdays from 9am - 10am                                      Thursdays at 4.45pm in the Ashworth Room

Contact: Rev Caroline Pearce                                    Contact: Robyn Sweetnam

Tel:  08 8344 4357                                                  Tel:  08 8723 6748

Email:                               Email: 



Saturday Morning Centering Prayer Group

at 8am, followed by breakfast and a short reading from The Cloud of Unknowing 

Contact: Rev Caroline Pearce

Tel:  08 8344 4357



Six groups meet as part of the Contemplative Living Community.   


The areas where these groups meet are:



               Henley Beach,

               Seacombe Gardens,


               Willunga, and

               Victor Harbor


Each group meets fortnightly and a couple of them meet weekly.  All except one meet on a weekday evening and the other meets late morning on a Wednesday.


For further information contact: 

Anne Weygood      04 2965 3844

Tom Gleeson (Fr)  08 8557 1072 

Annemarie Reiner  04 0403 7022


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