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For reasons of Privacy, we do not name people by their first or last names.  God our Father knows each one of us by name and the Spirit knows how best to pray.  Our prayer intentions are generic, but our God reads our hearts and bestows his blessings on each of us individually.


1.  We pray that Pope Francis's new encyclical, Laudato Si, will have a positive effect on the minds and hearts of people everywhere, and offer the world moral leadership in protecting creation which God has placed in our hands.


2.  We pray for refugees throughout the world, and that they will find people with warm hearts to welcome them and embrace them graciously.


3.  We hold before God the people of Nepal and pray that the Lord will give then courage and strength as they face difficult days, weeks and months ahead.


4.  We pray for young people who suffer from various forms of addiction and depression.


5.  We pray for married couples and children whose families are going through difficult times.


6.  We pray for a friend suffering from an incurable disease that she may have the courage to embrace her situation with a joy-filled heart.


7.  For those intentions we do not know how to put into word, but the spirt hears our groaning and sighing and knows what they mean.


8.  Send us your intentions by clicking on  . . .  


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One of our purposes is to hold other people, events and situations in prayer.  If you want to send us an intention to hold before Our God, please send us an email message.



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