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Centering Prayer is a method of prayer that prepares our faculties to receive the gift of God´s presence, traditionally called contemplative prayer. It consists of responding to the Spirit of Christ by consenting to the presence and action of God in one's daily life.


Everything growing on earth, bless the Lord.  

Praise and exalt him above all forever.  

Daniel 3:76

About CPNA

The Purpose of the Centering Prayer Network Australia (CPNA) is to foster the process of trans-formation in Christ and in one another through the practice of Centering Prayer.

Gospel Reflections

Reflections on the Sunday Gospel are published regularly.  To download the reflection for this Sunday click on 

CPNA Newsletters

CPNA Newsletters are normally published twice a year.  To download a news-letter click on

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Our Programs

Centering Prayer Network Australia offers a range of programmes, including:


Centuring Prayer


Lectio Divina


Welcoming Prayer


Forgiveness Prayer


Annual Retreat


Other . . . 

Our Community

CPNA is an ecumenical community, committed to living a deeper Christian life. There are a number of ways to be part of our praying communities.  If you feel drawn to a deepening of your Christian life, please feel free to contact one of our group leaders.


We have compiled a list of materials that you may find helpful as these will provide both introductory understanding of Centering Prayer as well as fundamental guides to the practice of the prayer.



Contemplative Quotes for the Week

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Centering Prayer Network Australia (CPNA) exists to communicate with, and support, one another in the practice of Centering Prayer.  This network, also known as Centering Prayer Australia and Contemplative Outreach Australia was inaugurated at the Janssen Spirituality Centre following a national retreat in Boronia Victoria in March 2009.


As members of this network, we fully embrace the Vision Statement of Contemplative Outreach Ltd., and we recognise ourselves as living the mission and objectives presented by Contemplative Outreach Ltd.© 

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